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The song Traces might probably best be described as the soundtrack of 2020, when plenty of external factors knocked on our doors and blindfolded us from what the future might hold. With none of our previous daily distractions left but social medias and stuck with very tight restrictions on travelling and social gatherings, many of us got placed in a more introspective state of mind. Accompanied mainly by your own idéas and perspectives on things for any longer period of time can be very tricky and you might just feel like you're about to lose it! Left with only a mirror, who defines you? No one, but you. Or at least, traces of you.

Dotty Blue Erika
Dotty Blue Erika
Dotty Blue Erika

Presentation Dotty Blue:

Urban pop with a bluesy dot

Dotty Blue from Sweden combines folk, pop and blues in an own style. The debut Perfect (free) choice (2009) reflects that perfectly and has since then deepened that bond creating a bigger atmosphere and richness to the sound. In 2016 the follow up album Little High Little Low was released and won the category "Best Album of the Year" at Dalecarlia Music Awards 2017. In 2017 Dotty Blue was featured with a punk cover of the song Waltzing Matilda in the swedish/australian multi award winning short film Waltzing Tilda. In 2019 Dotty Blue collaborated with Pyrakite on their single Popcorn Brain and is headed back into the studio for a third album; "Oh, the glamour!" leaning towards the blues spectra is released in September.

The album "Oh, the Glamour!" witnesses an attempt to go your own way and dealing with the past. Is it even possible to choose something else but a more handy and pre-destined path of life and if so, how do we do it? Unlike previous albums, "Oh, the Glamour!" mirrors a lot of anger and frustration, dominated by drum machines and electronic loops.

The Archives, a set of old songs from 2006 and a new single; Traces, was released this spring. During the autumn and winter of 2021 Dotty Blue will record new songs for an album in Swedish.

New album released on September 25, 2021

Oh, the glamour!

Musicians on album "Oh, the Glamour!"

Per Lindvall - drums on Many Times, Doin’ allRight
Magnus Josephson - electric guitars on Leaving
Richard Krantz - pedal steel on ManyTimes
Gustaf Saxvall - electric guitars on Flow, Doin’ all Right
Roger Krieg - bass on Many Times,Doin’ all Right
Markus ”Makkan” Aldén - bass on Leaving, Echoes
Henrik ”Pelle” Ståhlberg - drums on Leaving, How Come
Remaining instruments and vocals are played by DOTTY BLUE - Erika Iljero-Winnberg and Henning Iljero-Winnberg

Oh, the glamour!

Take a deep breath and just imagine it for a second; a blue collar town where some drive the tractor to the grocery store. The smell of wet grass and diesel. It’s quite calm. No traffic lights, one gas station and the local pizza place. Large fields connecting the villages. People here don’t talk much and if we do, we prefer to talk about everyone else but ourselves. Maybe even behind their back. Even though we know we shouldn’t. Trying out new ways is hardly ever a clever thing to do, but sometimes still, might be the best thing. Especially when eyes of critics are fixed upon whomever is the targeted one. The one standing out a bit. Maybe a shy little girl, who cries easily and blushes when she talks, still with both feet on solid ground. Mud. Asphalt. Grass. Hills and valleys. Dirty rubber boots on wet soil. She loves to ride her bike real fast. From the age of 7 she helps out with crops on the fields and by 13 she has learned how to drive a tractor. Where we come from does form us. So even for Dotty Blue who’s been looking to find new ways ever since. With love for silence urging for the big city. Excited and terrified of the unknown. Needing anonymity to create clear contours. Even if it may take a while. An introvert trying to find her equals in large city plazas and crowded dance floors. Dancing the streets, in colourful clothes from the trendiest 2nd hand store, next day back home in solitude glancing in the mirror, observing nothing but a black shady siluett with french music as her only distraction.


Dotty Blue - Head High

Head High - new single out by Dotty Blue

Release on September 11, 2021

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Dotty Blue - Leaving

Leaving - new single out by Dotty Blue

Release on May 02, 2021

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Dotty Blue Traces

Traces - new single out by Dotty Blue

Release on April 18, 2021

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Dotty Blue Dalecarlia Music Awards

Dalecarlia Music Awards

"Little high Little low" utsågs till Årets Album på Dalecarlia Music Awards 2017.

Dotty Blue Hush


Nytt år och nya chanser att verka för det högsta och goda i tillvaron. Inte alltid så lätt, men nog så viktigt. Det mesta ordnar sig till det bättre om man kan uppskatta det sanna och ärliga hos både sig själv och andra. Hush är en vaggvisa för de tillfällen när vi är som mest vilsna och rädda. En påminnelse om att i de stunderna, ta ett steg tillbaka och göra sitt bästa för att se saker och ting i dess rätta ljus.

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Peace & Love Festival

Vi slår på stort med 9-mannaband inklusive körsektion med tre helgrymma sångerskor...

Dotty Blue Live

Thunströms Café

Vi spelar akustiska versioner av gamla och nya Dotty Blue-låtar i den mysiga ladan på Thunströms café.

I augusti beräknas även en andra musikvideo släppas!

Trevlig sommar!

Dotty Blue EP Release Live Performance

EP Release

EP Releasefest 27:e maj på Kopparhatten, Falun. Eventdetaljer på Facebook.

Dotty Blue Little High, Little Low

Single-Release Little High, Little Low

Single-Release at Storybar / Magasinet Falun, Sweden

Dotty Blue Band


Music and lyrics: Iljero-Winnberg
Produced and mixed by Dotty Blue
Mastered by Roger Krieg

Vocals - Erika Iljero-Winnberg
Keyboards - Henning Iljero-Winnberg
Guitars - Magnus Josephsson
Guitars - Gustaf Saxvall
Bass - Markus Aldén
Drums - Henrik Ståhlberg
Strings and Horns arrangements - Joel Hansén